Fish Stocking Program

The Association’s plan is to try to raise $2,700 every two years to be able to purchase a different fish to stock the Marble Chain of Lakes, with the approval of the DNR and our members.

Please attend our next General Membership Meeting to hear further details.

Any question can be sent to

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Invasive Plants

Invasive Plants At the August 2011 membership meeting, the Association was informed by Scott Banfield of Aquatic Enhancement Inc. of an increased presence of Eurasian Watermilfoil in the south end of Marble Lake. Scott stated that because of the extent of colonization and the rapid growth of this plant, it may need to be dealt with across the entire lake. Scott planned to spend more time on the lakes in the fall when the water was calm to determine the extent of the problem.

Based on the information received from Scott, the Board determined that gaining a complete understanding of the extent of this problem should be a top-priority for 2012. We will be working with Aquatic Enhancement and/or other contactors to determine the extent of the problem with Eurasian Watermilfoil in our lakes.